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I know the boys in Arashi are not musicians, with the exception of Nino and Sho perhaps. As far as I know, none of them have pursued an instrument seriously. Nino can play the guitar but I wouldn't say he's serious about it. I'm fairly confident he taught himself, which there's nothing with that, my brother did and actually so did most of the guitarists I know. Doesn't lessen their skills any but when I think of Nino, that's not what comes to mind. Just, "Oh, he can play guitar." And Sho took piano lessons as a kid but probably stopped at grade 5 or 6 (in the conservatory) maybe? I don't even know, I'm just speculating.

I find it harder to be impressed by people on the guitar than on the piano or the violin. Like my friend Ariel on the violin: she used to play in an orchestra and has been studying violin since she was a kid. I wish I had some video of her playing; it's amazing.

Anyway, my point is that they aren't musicians, they're not singers, they're idols. But tonight, it was the first time I saw them as proper singers. It was the first time I ever heard them harmonize and after ten years, they should be able to do that easily, if not after one. And it was good!

Anyway, as bland and unremarkable as My Girl is, it's growing on me.

I switched to Google Chrome; so far so good but I'm going to have to get my paid account back to get rid of these fugly ads, especially if I'm going to have US politicians stare at me as I write my blog entries.

And now they're doing some kind of Q&A special tonight with Arashi and EXILE. I wonder if I'll learn anything interesting.

And Jun's hair is :/. But what's new? Srsly, just slick it back and rock the Showa style. It would be so much better.
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