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So I mentioned that I chatted with Joe at the show last week right? (Still dying forever.) We had some laughs about incorrect racial profiling and mistaken identities. When he's in LA, people think he's Chinese just because he's Asian; in Japan, so many people assume we (Aes and I) can't speak Japanese because we're white. He mentioned that his song "Hannah" is about that in the music industry. I didn't really get it before, I thought the title was kind of strange because it wasn't a song about a girl (named Hannah) but now that I know, it makes so much sense.

Music & Lyrics: Joe Inoue, Hiroya Takayama

Now that I have sold out
There is not much I can do
Kiss people's ass and hopefully
They'll all come to love me one day

They all sound the same
Can you feel my pain?

If you want to be successful here
All you have to do is sing about love
And they'll love you
'Cause that's all they want to hear

You don't have to mean it
They don't really care
So here's another phrase:

*探し続けていたものはここにある (The things I've been looking for are here)
理屈や理由などをつける必要はなく (There's not need to attach stuff like sense and reason)
胸に宿りし花がここにて咲く (A sheltered flower blooms right here in my heart)
Come on, come on, come on*

You better be careful what you say here
Boy, watch your mouth
I know for one thing they'll get pissed and
Bash the hell out of me via internet

You don't have to mean it
To be loved or hated
So here's another phrase:


People react to seriously
To the things I think are a waste of time

I say direct your attetion
To things that matter


He's got a point about Japanese songs, I think. How many times have you read the translation of some love song and gone, What the fuck does that even mean? But you gotta love a guy who wrote a song using almost nothing but girl's names. LOL Maybe I'll post that one day. I should embed songs too. OMG AND I NEED TO MAKE A JOE ICON.
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