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Okay, I really like this song now. It's going to be fun to sing at karaoke. :D

I love the video. It's nice to see them branching out and doing something different for a change. My Girl was nice too, with the story incorporated into the video, rather than an abstract setting and them just standing/sitting around doing nothing interspersed with singing close-up shots. I'm a slut for stop animation and orchestra interludes. It makes me want to make my own stop animation video. Maybe I'll try something tomorrow at Anna's. ...I really just want to immitate their goofy poses, that's all.

I'm definitely going to start taking my camera with me all over and properly documenting Japan. I feel like I take living here for granted and haven't really recorded the experience. I wish I had a lot more pictures of Vancouver. That's why I was such a shutterbug in Singapore. I might invest in a second/bigger card for my camera so I can take more videos, especially when Lydia is here. :3
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