Jun. 25th, 2008

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My F-list has been boring the last few days and this is quite a disappointment.  Not the people on it becuase real life gets in the way but I find that interesting anyway but nothing severely interesting has been posted to my comms lately.  It's sad.  Maybe I just woke up hungry and on the wrong side of the futon this morning.  That's a possiblity. 

I got the One Love single(s) yesterday so I'm giving things a thorough listen.  I remember not being super sold on 冬を抱きしめて when I heard it for the first time but it  grew on me (I don't think it's possible for an Arashi song not to grow on you).  How to Fly has a nice Latin twist to it.  Interesting.  I was just saying to [profile] everystarrfall last night that I wish they were more experimental with their music: I love the techno/raver song Yes? No?, the jazz influence of COOL & SOUL or the hard rock ones like Pik*nchi and 五里霧中.  I love the cookie cutter J-pop, don't get me wrong, but I would like so see them branch out.  But I guess JE isn't about experimenting and growth, it's about packaging what sells in mountains of glitter, shiny and fur.  Oh well. 

Thank god that I have two free periods first thing.  Jun cancelled his classes today for self-study before the tests.  Imai-sensei won't, but I know she'll actually use me.  Kaneko-sensei's lessons yesterday (3 of them T_T) were the longest periods of my life.  They were just doing a review sheet and I went around marking and helping... but it was fucking hot and stuffy so I was uncomfortable as hell.  Makes 50 mins stretch that much farther.

Today is the day I'll go submit a ballot for tickets.  The 2nd show is on the same day as the Sports Festival... so I think I will just ballot for a pair for the Friday.  I really don't fancy running straight downtown after sweating all day without a break (the show is at 5:30pm... are we 12?  Actually... that's a very dumb question) and then maybe missing it or being late.  Not worth the hassle.  I'll ballot for a pair and see if I can't trick a certain closeted fanboy into coming with me.  Or sell it to some lonely fan at the gates.  Maybe I'll have met some other LJ fan friend to go with me by then.  Who knows.

Immigration tomorrow.  I'm extremely not excited.
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Keitai mail from Arashi for their One Love release today~  I translated it at work... there are some parts (like.. most of it) that I'm not sure I did accurately but... meh.  I should actually go through all the Dream Alive ones I did because I'm sure I made mistakes and I finally know how what 過ぎ means.  It was a funny mail... Sho is such a freak.

櫻井:いよいよ本日発売します!嵐のニューシングル「One Love」。イメージカラーは白ですね。ウエディングドレスというか、つくしちゃんのイメージで!
S: Today it's released!  Arashi's new single "One Love".  The image colour is white, ne.  Something like a wedding dress, Tsukushi-chan's image!

M: Have you seen the movie?

S: No, not yet.  But it's the Final. I sang while thinking of Tsukushi-chan!

N: Does it have anything to do with you?

S: Absolutely nothing at all. LOL

N: What about Ohno-san?

O: I wonder…

A: For me, it's a light yellowish image!

N: For me it's pink.

M: For me it's rainbow.  Of all the colours, it's rainbow.

S: It is kind of rainbowy, right?  As for the way you should listen to it, you'll be thinking back on the movie when you listen to it.

M: You weren't in it, right?  No, but when you say it like that, it's appreciated. LOL

N: Sho-chan even thought of it that when we sang.

S: That's right!

O: For me, first listen to it, and then I want you to think in what kind of way do you want to listen to it.

S: At first, listen to it!

O: Listen to it first, and when you hear it for the 2nd time, it's something like, "In what kind of way do I want to listen to it"?

N: By yourself.

O: I want you to think about it.

A: Aa~ I see!!

O: The way of listening is up to you!!

A: For me, its like, anytime fits!  Even if a brokenhearted person listens, they can become positive, or if a person filled with happiness listens, they can get power from it, I think.

M&N&O&S: OO~!

M: It's a really catchy as an Arashi song, and I think it's really fresh.  It's a song singing about love… It's super-beta, I think, for sure.  Isn't it?

A: It does seem like that.

N: It feels like another step breaking through, ne.

松本:「花より男子2」主題歌の「Love so sweet」より深まった感じ。"so so sweet"だね。
M: It feels deeper than the theme for Hana Yori Dango 2, "Love so sweet".  It's "so so sweet".

A: SO! SO! Yeaaaaah!

櫻井:「One Love」は"Love so sweet FINAL"や!
S: "One Love" is "Love so sweet FINAL" ya!

M: What's with the Kansai accent, just now? LOL  Which reminds me, what's on the Limited Edition?

二宮:リミックスね!「FINAL Remix feat.WISH,Love so sweet&One Love」。
N: Remix!  "FINAL Remix feat. WISH, Love so sweet & One Love".

S: HanaDan medley!

M: I like that.

S: You can see the history of Hana Yori Dango all in one go in that song.

N: It's quite economical.

松本:でも"FINAL Remix"って…。今までリミックスしたことねぇのに(笑)。
M: But a "Final Remix"… Until now we've never done a remix. LOL

N: This remix is the first but also the final.

S: There's never been one because we haven't done one, til now. LOL  At least that's been put out on a CD.

松本:ね。オレは好きです。"花男"好きな人は是非とも初回盤買っていただきたい。でも、嵐好きな方には通常盤の「How to fly」も聴いてもらいたい。
M: Right? I like it.  People who love HanaDan will definitely buy the LE.  But people who love Arashi will want to hear the RE's "Learn to fly". 

A&O: Aa~!!

S: Don't hesitate.

N: Don't hesitate for which?

S: Well, buy both?

A: Shall we do that?

O: Won't you buy them?

S: You can't help but buy them.

N: Yup!!

M: Buy them!! LOL

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