Jan. 26th, 2009

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Well, I'm surprised.  I thought I would have to fight a lot more with people to get all my shit reissued but it was quite easy to get everything done.  Work had no problem with me leaving early.  I got a little lecture from the lady at city hall for not updating my card when I updated my visa but otherwise it was painless.  I had to sign a statement about what happened to my card and that was it.  I paid for the certificate to show I was issued a card for the bank but they wouldn't take it.  I thought they would since they do when you open a fucking account but apparently not so I wasted 300 yen there.  They just printed me a new health insurance card on the spot and I also stopped in at my doctors and got a new card there too.  I'll just have to wait for my bank cards to come in the mail.  Knowing Japan, they will be delivered during the day when I'm not fucking here.  Nakamura sensei lent me 10,000 yen until I get my bank stuff sorted out so I can at least eat.  I'm really grateful. 

I'm going to have my last lesson with the 3rd years this week.  Nakamura-sensei said he wanted to do something "fun" with them.  If my quiz show wasn't fun, I don't know what else to do.  I think trivia is freaking sweet but it took me so long to think of questions and write them in a way they would understand.  Any suggestions?

No kitty corpse this morning and the cleaner came today so the guts or whatever outside my door is gone.  I'm going to get paranoid everytime I hear a cat now.  I wonder if there's some deformed one around the apartment.  

Sato Ryuta is the guest on Shukudai tonight.  That's worth staying up for. :)

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