Feb. 19th, 2009

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I never did get around to buying a tiara to wear.  That's something Sachiyo would do trying to maintain her title as the most kawaii person on the planet.  Thanks Lydia and Liza for the birthday wishes today and everyone else. :)  I am still waiting for a few choice people from back home to man up but I'm probably going to feel disappointed because they won't.  There's a reason why one of them is the ex-best friend. 

Something is wrong with my sleep cycles.  I am not even going to bed at a much different time than usual but I feel so tired in the morning!  I think I should stop hitting snooze for 45 minutes before getting out of bed.  If I just set my alarm 45 minutes later, I could have 45 minutes more real sleep.  Wouldn't that be a novel idea? 

I don't think any of the students will remember or say anything to me.  Meh.  I'm going out for yakiniku with my girlfriend Ariel and my boyfriends Andrew and Justin and new favourite American Blake.  I met him at Andrew's party last weekend and it's been so long since I had such a great conversation with anyone.  I'm glad Andrew had some really bad sex (マグロ...) otherwise he wouldn't have met Blake. :)

Today is actually the assembly.  I read the chalkboard wrong.  I've got 2-5 first period (gfkjsadddddd couldn't be worse) and then two first year classes in 3rd and 4th.  Should be a decent day.  Hopefully it doesn't drag on like yesterday.

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