Mar. 17th, 2009

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Paraphrased from Utada Hikaru:

"When work is too hard that you don't want to rest, that's when you should rest, right?

When you're unmotivated, shouldn't you just not do anything?"

I agree. You are a smart lady.
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It seems like everyone is a little down these days.  It's that time of year for students: on the final stretch with a week and a half to go before finals start, writing term papers that should have been started a month ago or getting ready to take that first step back to school or into society.  As for us working types... I don't know what the deal is.  Maybe we're just absorbing that stress from everyone else. 

I went to the doctor today.  He confirmed my suspicion that it was an infection though he tried to tell me it was an infected corn.  I don't have corns!  It was a blister though I can't remember from where but I had one on my other foot in the same place.  No matter how broken in my converse sneakers are, they still rub the wrong way sometimes.  Anyway, I'm all bandaged up with some isodine gel and antibiotics and I need go back on Thursday for a check-up.  I should actually go this time... all the other times he's said to go back, I don't because whatever was hurting me stopped.  I've got to bandage up my toe tomorrow after my shower in the morning.  That'll be interesting since I can't really wear my shoe.  I might have to take my flip flops to work.  There goes my plans to run... I went twice last week and I probably won't be able to go again until after Korea.  

I think we're going to try having a hanami party on Saturday.  Ariel wants to wear yukata (though it's kind of early?).  If she's off on Friday we'll go to Asakusa and look there.  I said I'd lend her the ties and an obi since I have a few extras to cut down the cost for now.  I'll just have to teach her to wear it.  It'll be easy for her because she's got the skinny Asian body.  That would be nice since I only go to wear my yukata twice last year.  I would wear my kimino if I had all the stuff put it together with.  I should look on Friday.

Early to bed and hopefully early to rise.  Let's all feel better soon, shall we?  Spring is coming!

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