Oct. 14th, 2009

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So, this is what I spent my entire night two nights doing: compiling all the regular activities done by each group as of right now. I was curious as to how many things Kimutaku actually advertises because I can't go anywhere or watch 5 minutes of TV without seeing his face. So here are all the TV shows, radio programs, commercial campaigns and magazine spots. It's kind of weird cuz I translated some titles but transliterated some others. Whatever. This doesn't include special magazine articles, features, dramas or appearances that are one-time things, only regular work. Otherwise, Arashi would have seriously killed me.

I bet you won't waste nearly as much time reading as I did doing this. )

Here are some of the tallies:
Most TV shows (group): Arashi (3)
Most TV shows (individual): Kokubun Taichi (6) -- I thought it would be Nakai but he only had 5.
Least TV shows (group): Tackey & Tsubasa (0), NEWS (0)
Most CM campaigns (group): NEWS (3)
Most CM campaigns (individual): Kimura Takuya (9)
Least CM campaigns: Kanjani 8 (0), Imai Tsubasa (0)
Most regular magazine features: Arashi (8)

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