Oct. 16th, 2009


Oct. 16th, 2009 08:38 pm
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This cold is trying to blow up but I'm doing my best to curb it... potions! I ate even though I wasn't hungry and I took a nap so that I can stay up for My Girl. ♥

I've got an email in the mail centre on my phone and the piece of crap is not downloading! I can't get any other mail while it's in there. I don't get why it's not working. :< I have full reception in my house, and I can't imagine anyone sending me something so huge... Hm.

Mariah is on Music Station. Damn! Girl got her boobs done again. Or maybe she's wearing a bra this time. She's put on a big of weight but it looks good! She just needs to stop wearing skin tight stuff. Girl needs to start dressing her age. Bitch is almost 40!

OH MY GOD. Kiss My Foot 2 or whatever they call themselves had the Johnny's costume department VOMIT ALL OVER THEM. (What ever happened to Kiss My Foot 1?) What's with the freaking YMCA indian headdress?! And there's a couple musketeers in there too. On roller skates. Holy christ. It's worse that any KAT-TUN outfit with cutting room floor scraps hot glued all over the place by a blind seamstress. Is this a new debut that I haven't heard of? Not that I could ever get into this group but I haven't heard anything. And I don't think juniors groups go on M.St... though I could be wrong. I think when all the JE groups out there now (Hey! Say! JUMP excluded) retire, I'll be done with Johnny's. But that won't be for years if they all last as long as SMAP.

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