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Time for another 100Q! I guess I'll have to renew my subscription to get Sho's. Unless they start sending them every 2 months... we'll see. My new subscription is supposed to start in March anyway so we'll watch the post and see what happens.

Family Club Bulletin #47: 2010 Winter Issue
Ohno Satoshi: 100 Questions & 100 Answers
  1. Full name: Ohno Satoshi
  2. Occupation: Talent
  3. Date of birth: 26 November, 1980
  4. Height as of January 2010: 166cm
  5. Weight as of January 2010: 54kg
  6. Eyesight as of January 2010: Right 1.0, Left ?
  7. Handedness as of January 2010: Right
  8. An ability you think it'd be good to have as of January 2010: None.
  9. Please tell us your blood type with an adjective: I'm not an O~? I'm an A~.
  10. Your birthplace and one thing you'd boast about that place: Tokyo. Tokyo Tower.
  11. Please tell us three skills: I can sleep anywhere. I can sleep anytime. I can sleep for ages.
  12. Please tell us two strong points of your personality: Gentle. And on top of that, I'm kind.
  13. Please tell us one weak point of your personality: I can't be bothered with anything. And on top of that, everything's a pain in the ass.1
  14. What is the charm point of your outward appearance? My ears
  15. An unconscious habit? I touch my nose.
  16. An unconsciously used phrase? "I'm so tired~."
  17. Something you can't calm down without? Eye drops
  18. What colour is your cell phone? Emerald green
  19. Your ideal time to get out of bed? 10 o'clock
  20. Your ideal time to go to sleep? 27 o'clock2
  21. What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Use the toilet
  22. What do you do before sleeping at night? Use the toilet
  23. On a scale from 1 to 5, your ability to wake up is? 3
  24. What's your ideal way to spend a day off? Fishing
  25. Average bath time? 10 mins
  26. In my room, here is comfortable!: My sofa
  27. Please tell us your ideal breakfast: Miso soup
  28. Do you have a specialty dish that you cook? Fried rice
  29. What moment you are most likely to laze around in a day? When I'm in my bedroom.
  30. If you have something you're obsessed with, please tell us: None.
  31. A treat that perks you up? Ramen
  32. Food that brings you down? Live shrimp
  33. Wha' s a delicious food you've discovered as an adult? Green peppers
  34. What (clothing) style have you recently gotten into? The same as always. Black tops and denim pants, and sneakers.
  35. Do you have a fashion item you buy unconsciously? None.
  36. What makes you think, "Wow, my stress is gone~"? Fishing
  37. What's the thing you are weakest at in the whole world? Centipedes
  38. Please tell us your special skill: None.
  39. What's your small daily happiness? When I'm eating.
  40. Something you keep in mind in your job: When I'm on the move, don't sleep.
  41. Something you'd like to try in your job: None.
  42. The greatest joy in your job: The tiredness after doing lots of work.
  43. Something you think is tough in your job: Sleepiness
  44. Something you think you've grown in: Nothing really.
  45. A skill you'd like to develop in your job: None.
  46. What's your field of expertise? None.
  47. What's your area of weakness? I don't know.
  48. What is work to you? Something it won't become if you don't have it.
  49. What is Arashi to you? A treasure
  50. I like this about Arashi!: Peace
  51. Sum up the charm of Aiba Masaki in one word: Gentle.
  52. Sum up the charm of Matsumoto Jun in one word: Serious
  53. Sum up the charm of Ninomiya Kazunari in one word: Friendly
  54. Sum up the charm of Ohno Satoshi in one word: My pace
  55. Sum up the charm of Sakurai Sho in one word: Hard worker
  56. Actually, this part of Arashi is weak!: Mornings
  57. When do you think, "I'm glad to be in Arashi??": When the 5 of us are working together. It really feels like the five of us to have made it 10 years.
  58. Until now, what kind of Arashi has it been? Close friends.
  59. From now on, what kind of Arashi are you aiming for? The same as we've always been.
  60. Something that's made you happy recently: I got a fish knife from a friend of mine.
  61. Something that was fun recently: I bought fishing lures.
  62. Something that was upsetting recently: The rain and storms were so strong I couldn't go fishing.
  63. Something that's been on your mind lately: None.
  64. Something you're wondering about now: How did they build the Aqua Line?
  65. Do you have a jinx? No.
  66. What's your favourite word? Simple
  67. Please tell us your favourite motto: If you try, you will succeed.
  68. What's your creed: I don't know.
  69. What's the source of your smile? When I'm fishing.
  70. What has someone said to you that made you happy? Chill out.
  71. When have you thought, "This person is really great~"? A stupid person.
  72. There is this kind of privilege for being my friend!: I'll give you the fish I caught.
  73. There is this kind of privilege for being my girlfriend!: You can ride on my boat.
  74. What's your ideal male image? Someone who works towards their dreams and goals.
  75. Wha' your ideal female image? Someone who works towards their dreams and goals.
  76. Please tell us one of your specialty date plans: Relaxing by the sea.
  77. Something you want to try and give as a present to the person you like: Something hand-made.
  78. Words you'd like to try saying: I'm the world's number one.
  79. A place you'd like to go once: Palau
  80. Something you'd like to try once: Walking around town in women's clothing.
  81. One day, you suddenly turn into Aiba-kun! What do you want to try? Golf with Shimura-san.
  82. One day, you suddenly turn into Matsumoto-kun! What do you want to try? Giving sexy looks.
  83. One day, you suddenly turn into Ninomiya-kun! What do you want to try? Go meet Clint Eastwood.
  84. One day, you suddenly turn into Sakurai-kun! What do you want to try? Go on News Zero and read the transcript.
  85. What Arashi song exactly fits your mood right now? "Allergy"
  86. What Arashi single has left a deep impression? "Truth"
  87. What Arashi album has left a deep impression? "Iza, Now"
  88. What Arashi concert tour has left a deep impression? "Arashi LIVE 2005 One SUMMER TOUR"
  89. If there were 5 hours added to a day, what would you do? Paint pictures.
  90. If you weren't in Arashi, what kind of job would you have settled into? An illustrator
  91. Please tell us your biggest past crisis: When I was born, the umbilical chord was wrapped around my neck.
  92. Please tell us how you get out of a pinch: Think, "There's only one life!"
  93. Please tell us one of the Seven Wonders of Ohno Satoshi: Must be why I was born.
  94. Please tell us one of the Seven Wonders of Arashi: When the 5 of us simultaneously do a title call or something, we're so smooth?
  95. What's the most necessary thing in your life? Sympathy
  96. Please tell us the knack for enjoying life: Thinking, "There's only one life!"
  97. What's the treasure only for you? My memories
  98. When do you think, "This is the greatest happiness!"? When I'm on the boat.
  99. If you were to give a title to this life, what would it be? "FREESTYLE!"
  100. What's your greatest ambition in life? To go to space.
1「優しい。そしてさらに優しい。」&「面倒くさがり屋。そしてさらに面倒くさがり屋。」 Japanese adjectives have layered meanings so I translated them a bit differently.
2 Sometimes Japan lists hours past 24:00, so this would be 3am.

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Date: 2010-01-11 07:26 am (UTC)
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"Something you'd like to try once: Walking around town in women's clothing"
then go do it, pick one of arashi member as ur partner XDDDDDDD
thanks for translating this

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