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So [ profile] iaoiua did this and I thought it was interesting (and I'm almost there at remembering which order all the vowels of your username go in, Jenny!). My history with music is wide and varied and I'm kind of shocked how late Arashi came into the mix. I thought it was a lot earlier than it was but upon some googling today, apparently not.

It really makes me wonder when people really start getting into music. I saw so many kids at the Arashi concert and don't think I really got into a group until middle school.

A long trip down memory lane. )

I wonder how things are going to change when I move back to Canada? I don't listen to the radio anymore and I hardly listen to (new) English music. Luckily I can still get my Jpop fix from halfway across the world. :D And by my calculations, I've only been an Arashi fan for almost 3 years. I feels like it's been so much longer than that...

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